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27 Jul

Perfect Pansies for your Autumn Displays!

These surprisingly hardy plants are great for filling gaps in your borders, trailing in hanging baskets or brightening up your patio

With summer coming to an end and autumn looming  don’t lose your summer colour, look instead towards our wide collection of pansies to fill your garden with their colourful faces all winter!

These surprisingly hardy plants are great for filling gaps in your borders, trailing in hanging baskets or brightening up your patio. Our variety of Pansies can be purchased as either plug plants, super and jumbo ready plants or seeds.

Our Pansy autumn bedding plants are nurtured until they are ready to be dispatched up until the end of October. On arrival they are ready to be grown on or planted straight out as you choose. At Jersey Plants Direct we aim to make planting as easy as possible, here are a few tips to enable your Pansies to withstand those winter months-

  • Pansies are hardy plants but you can help them along by making sure they are planted in an area where they will gain full sun or partial shade allowing them to be as healthy as possible during winter.
  • Plant Pansies in a rich, moist soil with good drainage. To help your pansies flourish and increase drainage make sure your soil is gritty and rich in organic compost.
  • Here at Jersey Plants Direct, we know that Pansies like most bedding plants, look better closer together, but please remember spacing your Pansies will in turn achieve healthy plants through good air circulation.
  • As it says above, Pansies thrive in moist soil- but be careful not to over-water your Pansies which will cause dramatic and even deadly results as the winter weather rolls in. Over-watering in winter doesn’t allow plants time to dry throughout the day and can cause root rot.

Betty Hurcombe sent us this photograph of her Pansy Cascadia.

Here are a few of our favourite Pansies that proved to be extremely popular last autumn…

Pansy Grande Fragrance is one of our favourite Pansies. The bright faces of these large flowers will fill your garden with colour and scent. Only £9.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Pansy Can Can is a beautiful ruffled Pansy that comes in a mix of pastel colours with dark centres. These Pansies have a  long flowering period. Only £9.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

New to the Plug Range, Pansy Ocena comes in a cool collection of blues, violets and purples – a designer colour mix. This Pansy will flower from Autumn through to Winter and brighten your view of your winter garden. Only £10.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Pansy Cascadia is a unique trailing Pansy that will look beautiful in  hanging baskets or cascading over the sides or your containers. The flowers are a mix of yellow, purple and lilac. Only £12.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Hanging baskets are an attractive alternative way to present your Pansies. Along with hanging baskets, Pansies are perfect for bringing your patio and window ledges to life and can easily be planted in patio containers and window boxes.

Seeds can be purchased in our Pansy Can Can and Pansy Grande Fragrance varieties. All our seeds are despatched within 10 days of receipt order to help you plant them as quickly as possible this autumn. Planting seeds proves a little more challenging than planting our garden ready plants, but all seed orders come with simple instructions for planting perfect Pansies.

Enjoy your Autumn garden and make the most of these beautifully cheerful bedding plants!


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