Friday, May 25, 2018

27 Jul

Are you looking to make the most out of your small garden?

We recently teamed up with Girlie Gossip, an online women’s magazine to try and make the most out of their small garden with our products. Girlie Gossip included our strawberries, cordylines, acer collection, sunflowers and chillies in their garden, proving that you don’t have to have masses of space to create a stunning oasis full of plants, fruit and veg.

They came up with some really imaginative ideas on where and how to plant our products. Girlie Gossip used red hanging baskets to plant their strawberries in, letting the delicious fruit cascade over the sides. They also identified that a dull area in their garden needed brightening up and selected this bare spot to plant their cheerful sunflowers.

Pots are an easy solution to small gardens, you can move them to create new displays and fill them with the correct soil when planting to avoid time-consuming problems. Girlie Gossip focussed on creating a low-maintenance garden and used a lot of pots in their garden design, they also  loved the convenience of our mail-order company!

 “We loved the idea of being able to order plants online, this is great for busy mums, working families and just about anyone really as it means everything is delivered to your door, leaving you free to get everything arranged before they arrive!”

To read more about how Girlie Gossip made the most of their small garden click here!


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