Wednesday, July 18, 2018

05 Aug

Tim’s August Letter!

If anything I think this autumn range is the most comprehensive ever – I hope you’re not too spoilt for
choice!Recently, cheque payment issues and lack of price clarity generally have been in the UK news.  So I thought I would remind you about the Jersey Choice fair pricing policy.

Affordable Prices
We always try to think “Affordability”. So our bedding plant and 3 litre pot prices start at £9.99. Bird feed is from £9.49. Shrubs are from £7.99. There’s Clematis from £6.99; Christmas harvest potatoes from £3.99 and seed packets
from just £2.99!

Extra Value
And don’t forget that there’s always lots of extra value too. You can treat yourself to 60 free plug plants when you buy 100 for just £9.99. Or there are 20 free ready plants when you buy 50 for £9.99. That makes them less than 7p and 15p per plant respectively! There are three for two offers on Clematis and Shrubs as well.

No Hidden Charges
What’s more there are absolutely no hidden extra charges. DELIVERY IS ALWAYS FREE. There are no additional charges for using a credit or debit card. There are no additional charges for ordering by phone or post! The price you see next to the item is the exact price you pay.

The Best Deals are Here
Existing customers always get the best deals here in Choice Magazine. You won’t find us running discounted offers to tempt new or late buyers. We reckon that we have unbeatable deals anyway and our customers deserve to see them.

Your Choice of Ordering and Payment
There are still four easy ways to order – by posting the order form in the envelope provided (or you can even fax it to us!), by phone, and online at You can pay by credit card, debit card and most importantly, CHEQUES ARE STILL WELCOME (In fact we’re happy to take postal orders!). It’s entirely your choice and the same price.

Fairest and Best Value for All
So whether you’re a new or existing customer; wherever you see us; whatever you order; whenever you order; however you order or however you pay – each great deal is the same for all and everyone pays the same amount. All in all we think that’s fairest and best!

By the way, our excellent value means that we don’t have to run end of season “sales”. This in turn means that those who order earlier to avoid stock outs and get earlier delivery can’t lose – so why not get that order in now?

Happy Gardening.

Yours faithfully
Tim Dunningham

PS. Don’t forget that we guarantee “if you are in any way unhappy with your delivered item, just contact us within 28 days for a replacement or refund”.
Tim Dunningham
Managing Director


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