Friday, May 25, 2018

18 Aug

Boost Your Borders!

As summer draws to a close and winter looms, it’s time to make the most of your borders. Giving your borders a little revival isn’t time consuming and will really make a difference to your garden. Follow our easy guide to boosting your fading borders…

1. Fill any gaps left by faded summer plants with autumn bedding plants. We have a fantastic range of autumn bedding plants, available as plugs, garden readies, super or jumbo plants. These are easy to plant and care for, giving you colour throughout the winter and into spring.

2. Try to get rid of any plants that are dying off but still taking the nutrients or water from others. The greater the variety of plants you have, the more maintenance needs to be done. Different plants might swamp each other and overcrowd your borders. This will free up space and keep the remaining plants healthy.

3. Deadhead whats left of your garden borders. A plant produces flowers in order to reproduce and ensure the survival of the species. Once a plant has flowered and fertilisation has taken place, it tends to put its energy into producing seed at the expense of more flowers. With some popular plants such as zinnias and sweet peas, flowering can stop altogether once they start to seed. Prevent this happening by removing the flowers as they start to fade.

4. Replace any fading thin borders with architectural plants to add interest throughout the winter. Thin borders can take a lot of maintenance and don’t add much to your garden display. Try instead to plant hedges or grass in these spaces, providing architectural structure rather than more work.

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