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30 Aug

Keep Your Vegetable Patch Going This Winter…

You may be ready to start packing up your gardening tools for winter, but take some time to ensure you can keep active and keep your garden growing through the cold months ahead. Pack your vegetable plot full of delicious seeds, ready to be picked at different times throughout the winter season. It’s the perfect way to add your own home-grown taste to your christmas dinner!

Here are our favourite vegetables to sow and plant this month…

Broad Beans

Sowing Broad beans during autumn usually prevents them from being infected by black fly. This is a brilliant benefit, as black fly can cause your whole crop to be inedible. You can stagger the harvesting of your broad beans by picking the tops first, they taste equally delicious and you can save the pods for later!


Sow peas this autumn for a delicious late spring crop. The fantastic thing about peas is that they can be sown closely together, only about 1 inch apart, giving you more crop than you’ll know what to do with! Peas are a brilliant way to teach children to appreciate the wonders of growing your own veg. They are easy to grow and you can see results quickly, get kids involved in the whole process.


A brilliant way to add flavour to any winter dish. Garlic is extremely easy to grow and doesn’t take much care. Plant the cloves closer to the surface if your soil has a light texture, and deeper into the soil if it’s heavy. Hoe in some potash feed during February/March for best results.

Onions & Shallots

There are plenty of popular onion and shallot varieties that can be sown this month. Shallots are a mystery to some gardeners, but you can be ensured that you’ll enjoy their sweet, subtle taste and their ability to store well.


Try growing cut and come again winter lettuce this year, the benefit of having lettuce when you want it will become invaluable. Cover lettuce with a protective sheet until it is fully established.


Spring cabbage can be hard to get hold of this time of year, but ring around to see if your local garden centre can help you out. Push the soil around their stems to help shelter them from winter weather, or cover with a protective fleece.

What are your favourite winter vegetables? Let us know by sending your comments to or write on our Facebook wall here!


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