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02 Sep

September Garden – Tidy, Protect & Maintain

Tidying your garden – cut back, prune and divide

This month continue to deadhead plants to prolong their display and when they are past their best you can add them to the compost heap.

If your perennials are looking tired then remove dead leaves.  If they are getting too big, lift and divide and prise them apart using two forks.  Re-plant any pieces that have good roots and leaves and make sure you water them well.

Prune late-summer flowering shrubs and give evergreen hedges a final trim to make sure they are in shape for winter.

Your climbing roses can be pruned once they have finished flowering: side shoots from the main branches can be cut back to a couple of buds.  Any dead, diseased or spindly growth should be cut out and new shoots tied in to supports from the base.  If there are old thick and woody unproductive stems they can be removed from the base to stimulate more vigorous growth.


Look out for black spot on Roses – pick off and burn any affected leaves to stop the disease spreading.   Don’t put them onto your compost heap. Protect soft fruit like raspberries and strawberries from the birds with netting.

September Garden Maintenance

Take cuttings of rosemary, bay, sage and lavender and use the cuttings to replace plants once they are past their best in your garden. Continue to collect seeds from perennials. Bring inside tender perennials such as Fuchsia, Gazania, before frosts cause damage.

Wait for the first frosts to hit Dahlias and Cannas before lifting the tubers and rhizomes.  In warmer regions you can leave the tubers in the ground, but do cover them with a protective layer of straw.

This time of year, as the leaves start to fall, make sure you clear them and put them on the compost heap. Rotting leaves can cause disease in the garden.

Most perennial weeds are vulnerable to weed-killer in early autumn.  Make sure you choose one that contains glyphosate, which will ensure that the roots are killed.


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