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30 Sep

Our Best Selling Autumn Bedding Plants This September!

Stunning Viola Ochre

Don’t lose your summer and autumn colour to the cold weather, look instead towards our wide collection of Autumn bedding plants to fill your garden with their colourful faces all winter! Autumn Bedding Plants are a fantastic, cost effective way of bringing colour to your garden throughout the winter.  The most popular bedding plants for Autumn include PansiesPrimrosesWallflowers and Violas.

These surprisingly hardy plants are great for filling gaps in your borders, trailing in hanging baskets or brightening up your patio. Our bedding plant varieties can be purchased as either plug plants, super and jumbo ready plants or seeds.

Here are our top selling Autumn Bedding Plants throughout September…

Pansy Grande Fragrance – One of our favourite Pansies. The bright faces of these large flowers will fill your garden with colour and scent. Only £9.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Pansy Can Can- As expected, more than one Pansy has entered our top selling list. Pansy Can Can is a beautiful ruffled Pansy that comes in a mix of pastel colours with dark centres. These Pansies have a  long flowering period. Only £9.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Wallflower Fortune - These Wallflower bedding plants are a scented F1 variety and flower in beautiful shades of yellow, red, scarlet and bronze. A lovely, long  lasting way to bring colour to your beds. Only £9.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Fantastic Primrose Rosebud!

Primrose Rosebud – Find a dark corner that needs a little colour throughout the winter – maybe visible from a favourite window so you can enjoy their colour even when you don’t venture out into the garden! Only £13.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Viola Ochre Trailing – A delicate trailing Viola will beautifully cascade over your pots, hanging baskets and window sills, filling your garden with colour and scent. Only £10.99 for 100 + 60 Free!

Don’t forget - Hanging baskets are an attractive alternative way to present your Autumn bedding; we recommend our Pansy Cascadia with trailing habits that will create a flowing spectrum of colours in your garden. Along with hanging baskets, trailing plants are perfect for bringing your patio and window ledges to life and can easily be planted in patio containers and window boxes.

Seeds can be purchased in many of our varieties. All our seeds are despatched within 10 days of receipt order to help you plant them as quickly as possible this autumn. Planting seeds proves a little more challenging than planting our garden ready plants, but all seed orders come with simple instructions for planting perfect autumn bedding.


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