Thursday, June 21, 2018

23 Oct

The Best Bulbs for Pots!

One of the many benefits to planting bulbs is how versatile they can be. Naturalise them around your garden for a wild, care-free look, plant them neatly  in beds or layer them in pots and containers.

Pots and containers are ideal for small gardens, or brightening up a patio or balcony space. Bulbs will give your garden an instant lift and are extremely easy to plant and care for. Choose from a selection of window boxes, tubs, troughs or barrels – bulbs will look fantastic in any of them!

Don’t be afraid of being inventive when it comes to planting. You can keep it simple by planting just one variety in each pot or you can mix it up a little by planting several varieties together. It’s tricky to get all the flowers to appear at the same time, but a varied flowering is part of the excitement of planting bulbs.

Choose a pot that is big enough and will compliment your chosen bulbs.Use soil as normal, making sure you add grit if drainage is poor. Bulbs flowering last in the season must always be planted at the bottom of the pot, the earlier flowering ones should be planted on top. Try layering Crocuses, Hyacinths and Tulips for a rainbow of colour.

You could also add a little colour to some of your long-term containers with our fantastic bulbs! Bulbs with a short dormancy period will thrive when planted with shrubs. Plant your bulbs just as you would in your garden beds and they should look stunning year after year.

If you enjoy mixing your bedding and bulbs, try planting a layer of tulips over your winter-flowering plants for a fantastic spring finale. Plant your bulbs as you would normally, making sure that your bedding plants are affected by poor drainage and overcrowding.

It’s essential to buy your bulbs now while their dormant, before they’ve had time to dry out. Hyacinths and Tulips unlike most other bulbs, can still be planted at the beginning of November.

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