Monday, June 25, 2018

01 Nov

November Garden – Sowing and Planting…

As winter quickly approaches, take advantage of the cool days and the slower pace of gardening to prepare your plants for winter. November is in the midst of the dormant period so it’s the perfect time to keep up your garden maintenance and prepare your garden for the future frosts.

Bulbs should preferably be planted earlier in autumn, but there is still time this November for tulipsdaffodils and crocuses. These bulbs can be planted through to the end of the month if the weather is mild before the soil loses the heat from the summer months. You can always plant bulbs in pots indoors to add some spring colour to your home, just make sure you chose indoor cultivating bubs. For more information, advice and tips on bulbs read our bulbs article here.

It’s also time to be planting new roses, trees and shrubs in well-prepared soil.  Make sure you trim any long shoots on bush roses and standard roses to reduce wind rock which can loosen roots and snap off stems in winter storms.

It’s time to look into buying seeds, order a collection of seed catalogues and browse the internet so you can begin to plan what you would like to grow next year.

Vegetables and Fruit

Most vegetables won’t grow very well if they are planted between November and February because the short days don’t provide enough sunlight. All root vegetables should have been dug up by now, if you haven’t harvested carrots, turnips, potatoes and other similar vegetables they need to be dug up as soon as possible.

Don’t worry too much about your vegetable patch looking bare; fill your plot with hardy broad beans, onions, garlic and shallots. Make sure you protect new crops and sowings for winter by covering them with frames or cloches.

Continue to harvest and store your fruit, when apples and pears are ready they should be picked, and stored in a cool, dry place to reach their peak of flavour. Between now and March is the time for winter pruning of apples and pears that are not ready to be harvested.

You should also be cutting back any berry canes to soil level so they grow back strong and healthy next year. Order any new fruit trees and bushes now, and plant them out when directed.  Check that your fruit ties are still in place as fruit trees and canes can easily be damaged due to wind rock.  Tidy your fruit garden and remove any debris to be added to your compost pile.


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