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03 Dec

December Garden – Sowing & Planting..

As Christmas approaches, our to-do lists don’t often contain gardening tasks at this time of year.  Luckily, you can take it a little easier this month without any risk to your garden; maintenance is the most important thing until spring. Of course, if you are looking to keep up the pace of your gardening, don’t worry, there are still plenty of smaller jobs we can advise you to do!

Sowing and Planting

Enjoy late flowers still in bloom and let us know what out of season flowers are still going in your garden! You can still plant out ferns and grass – they look as lovely covered in frost as they do when in bloom. Grass plants are great for planting under trees, complimenting surrounding plants with their delicate seed heads. Mix ferns up with berries and winter flowering hellebore (Christmas Roses) for an interesting winter display.

Choose plants that produce glossy red berries to create some seasonal interest in your garden, but watch out for the birds! Cover your berries in netting or large sheets of fleece to deter birds and enable you to use them later as Christmas decorations. In keeping with the Christmas theme, why not try to grow your own mistletoe!

If you are lucky enough to have one of the host trees – apple, hawthorn, lime or poplar, growing mistletoe should be fairly easy. Simply collect some berries from a mistletoe plant and rub them into the cracks of the bark – let your mistletoe flourish from your tree’s nutrients.

It’s time to plant new fruit trees! December is your last chance to plant fruit trees and bushes, secure the tree loosely to its stake to prevent it from being dislodged from the ground and remember to water when the weather is dry.

Gather up all your beanpoles, canes and other veg supports from your garden so they don’t deteriorate over winter. Clean off any soil and leave them undercover, ready for next spring.

Net cabbages and other winter crop to stop hungry pigeons and other birds trying to eat them. Protect salads, herbs and other crops from the cold with cloches.


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