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15 Mar

How to make beautiful butterflies burst into your garden

Christine Walkden from Jersey Plants Direct is amazed at the varieties of butterflies found in Britain. In her article she says, there are over 50 varieties of butterflies in Britain, but I bet you have never seen that many in your own garden? I certainly haven’t. The key to having butterflies in your garden, she suggests, is to create a sheltered environment using trees and shrubs. You should have a space that has plenty of sunlight – at least five to six hours a day – and plenty of warmth. Make sure there is a water supply and a wide variety of plants to attract butterflies. Read the full article here and find out some unique ways to enjoy butterflies in your garden.

Attract butterflies with the right plants

Christine Walkden suggests you plant the Buddleia, which is more commonly known to gardeners as the Butterfly bush. This plant with its deep purple-red flowers will help to encourage butterflies into your garden. Another great plant is the Honeysuckle. This has a wonderful fragrance and will add to your plan to attract butterflies and other insects. Plants with fragrance tend to attract beautifully coloured and patterned butterflies. Read Christine’s article here.

Don’t worry, you don’t need an exotic garden to attract butterflies. Christine suggests, you don’t even need a garden to encourage lovely butterflies and moths to visit, well–grown plants in containers, raised beds and hanging baskets will supply just what most insects require. So, it’s easy to attract butterflies and enjoy their beauty and flying displays this summer no matter what your space may be. Remember, butterflies are relatively delicate insects but if you follow Christine’s hints and tips on how to attract butterflies you can enjoy a wonderful display in your garden this summer.

Read the full article here


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