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14 Dec

Make Your Own Wreath from our English Holly!

Stunning English Holly

Make the most of what your garden has to offer this Christmas, do some festive foraging to create Christmas wreaths and table centerpieces. Christmas decorations don’t have to be shop-bought to look beautiful and give that all important festive feel to your home. Many of you would have bought our fantastic English Holly shrub earlier this year. It will now be covered in ripe red berries, so put them to good use! English Holly’s dark green foliage is ideal for creating wreaths, centre pieces and a range of other Christmas decorations. Simply follow our instructions below for the perfect Christmas wreath…

There’s a few bits and bobs you’ll need to make your decorations-

  • English Holly, pine cones, berries, bark, seed heads, ivy, dried fruit etc.
  • Gloves are important for handling garden materials and wire
  • Wire (an old coat hanger will do) for the frame of the wreath
  • Light-weight floral wire (available cheaply from your local florist) for attaching your garden foliage

A step by step guide to making a traditional Christmas wreath-

  • Take two simple wire coat hangers, bend them into circles and tie them together using floral tape or wire.
  • Add your base material- greenary of your choice. We recommend sprigs of eucalyptus or fir trees for a fuller wreath.
  • Neatly attach the base of your choice to the wreath frame using wire, don’t worry about it being a little messy -  just trim the base down to make it into more of a circle.
  • Attach your decorative garden foliage on top. Wrap your English Holly around the wreath, or attach small parts of holly throughout. Add anything else from pine cones, bark and bare twigs to dried fresh flowers, moss and ivy. Secure with floral wire or hot glue if the wire is visable.
  • Use raffia or ribbon to tie the wreath to your door.

Let us know how your wreath turned out, comment using the box underneath this blog post or send your photos to gardenersblog@fpnl.net


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