Friday, May 25, 2018

21 Dec

10 Ways to Give a Great Impression with your Garden!

Your front garden is the first thing that visitors will see when they arrive at your home, which means that making a good impression is vital. Follow our simple guide on how to make the most of your front garden…

1. Don’t forget about the environment. It’s important to protect the environement on your doorstep, every year more and more front gardens are paved over for parking spaces. This limits the space our wildlife has to live, try to keep some greenary in your front garden.

2. Brighten up dark corners. A front garden can be any size, with all sorts of dark corners. Brighten them up with colourful flowers or lights. Fairy lights draped around a tree looks wonderful at night time, especially this time of year.

3. Design a path, or tidy up an existing one. Unless you want a whole host of people walking over your lawn to the front door, it’s best to create a path. Choose material that goes well with your home.

4. Create structure and symmetry. Formalise your garden with symmetry leading up to your front door. Shrubs, hedges or containers can be planted or placed to create symmetry.

5. Make your front door the focal point. Use symmetry once again to frame your door. Matching evergreen plants either side will draw attention to your front door and create an elegant look. Also try to re-vamp your door with a co-ordinating lick of paint.

6. Use repetition to make an impact. Repetition will look great in your front garden, it pulls the whole scheme together and stops a small area looking confusing.

7. Use a ground cover that suits your home. Grass, gravel or concrete are all brilliant as ground cover in your front garden and all have their benefits. Mix it up a little to include more than one.

8. Brighten up your gates and walls. Use paint to brighten up a dreary looking gate or wall. Painting things white or cream give a fresh look, while bright colours will create a stunning focal point.

9. Make room for more than your vehicles. It is possible to have space for your cars and the environment. Try creating a ‘vertical garden’ with climbing roses and ramblers or filling any extra space with containers full of flowers and foliage.

10. Keep it flourishing all year round. It is possible to have a front garden full of flowers and foliage all year round. Use containers, beds and borders to plant up stunning summer plants or keep things going with evergreens in the winter.


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