Friday, May 25, 2018

22 Dec

Gardening is Great for the Soul…

Gardening is a wonderful way to stay healthy and has even been linked to living longer. Gardening promotes good health, both from exercise and eating your own produce. It can even lower blood pressure. The more spiritual amongst you may believe that gardening is the perfect way to stay calm. A connection to the earth can create a great sense of peace and serenity for many gardeners.

Growing your own garden plants and produce is a brilliant way to protect our health, both physically and mentally. In a report commissioned by London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson it shows that gardening has a great effect on the health of adults. Another recent report by the World Heath Organisation suggests that those who keep fit doing domestic jobs such as gardening, cleaning and walking their pets are twice as likely to live longer than those who don’t.

All sorts of muscles are employed when digging, planting and maintaining your garden. You’ll be getting a full work-out without having to go to the gym or straining your body from running. Gardening is less stressful and just as beneficial. Spend half an hour digging or planting shrubs and trees and you can loose up to 200 calories.

The environment you live in has a direct impact on your health and happiness. Surround yourself with plants, fruit and veg. Fruit and veg will grow anywhere, from containers to window sills. Our Jumbo ready plants are easy to plant and grow, requiring very little care.

Encourage your family and friends to garden too. Community allotments are a brilliant way to get a group of people involved, share an allotment with your family or friends to cut the cost of rent and limit maintanence. Also try to get your children and grand-children involved, they’ll learn valuable skills and hopefully develop a new hobby.

It’s not all just hard work. Taking time to sit back and relax in the fresh air is an ideal way to keep your stress levels down. Encourage song birds into your garden to create the ultimate stress-free retreat.


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