Friday, May 25, 2018

21 Dec

Something New for 2012!

What better time to design a new garden than the new year! While your garden is still relatively dormant, sit back, relax and plan a fantastic garden design.

It’s best to let your imagination run free and worry about all the techninal aspects later. Focus on styles and themes, maybe you’ve always wanted a cottage garden, or something a little more exotic. Look at other gardens for inspiration, whether your taking a wonder through your local area or visiting flower shows you’re bound to gain some inspiration.

Very few gardeners start completely from scratch. Our gardens are restricted by walls and influenced by the owner before us. Raised beds, shaped lawns and added extras like water features may be getting in the way of your big plans. Review your garden structurally- are there things you want to change?

Start small to experiment, transform one bed in your garden and see how it looks – it won’t take much to change it again!

Unfortunately; cost, size and time are all big influences in your garden design. You don’t have to transform your garden in one go so do it when you have some free time, it will stay enjoyable rather than stressful. As for size, work with what you’ve got- any design can be manipulated to fit so focus on what plants are vital. There are also a few things you can do to limit the cost of changing your garden drastically…

1. Buy young garden plants from garden centres, they’re a lot cheaper! They will establish themselves in your garden and will catch up with your other plants surprisingly quickly.

2. Look out for bargains. Whether it’s plants or a few terrocotta pots, car boot sales are great for finding something valuable for hardly anything!

3. Swap plants with friends. Great gardeners think-alike so ask your friends if they would like to trade for any of your plants.

4. Recycle as much plant material as you can. You don’t have to buy everything new, try moving plants to different places- it might give you the look you’re going for.

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