Thursday, June 21, 2018

19 Jan

Bird of the Month – The Great Spotted Wood-Pecker.

A threesome of woodpecker species are alive and well in the woodlands, parks and gardens of Britain – the green, the lesser and the great-spotted.

While the green is familiar by its strange call (known as a ‘yaffle’) the remaining twosome are distinguished by their colour and size – the latter best described as the little and large of the woodpecker clan. This is not strictly the case here in Jersey, however, where it is the Great-spotted ‘pecker of wood’ that reigns supreme and alone as a breeding species.Yes, the Island once played host to an insignificantly tiny population of the Lesser-spotted but sadly the diminutivespecies is no more. On the other hand, the Greater-spotted appears to be doing rather well and have upped their local numbers extremely healthily over the past couple of decades. Proving rather loyal to my own woodland garden, I for one am extremely pleased that they have. Once considered a species faithful to deciduous woodland, G S Woodpecker Esq is now recognised very much as a garden species, particularly where peanut feeders act as attractive magnets.

With their stunning plumage of black, white and scarlet, the species is undoubtedly one of the most sought after birds in any garden and, with winter truly upon us, now is the time to put out the peanuts and encourage one or two of the splendid birds in – a super-tick indeed!




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