Thursday, June 21, 2018

22 Dec

Take Care of Your Christmas Gifts!

Many of you would have ordered our fantastic Christmas gifts this year. Follow our simple guide on how to care for your indoor plant…

Moth Orchid…

  • Place your Orchid in good, but not direct sunlight.
  • Keep them away from hot air and radiators in particular.
  • Orchids prefer rain water, which we have lots of this time of year!
  • Don’t saturate the roots, if the compost becomes clogged, consider re-potting.
  • Use special Orchid feed if you can or general purpose liquid feed at a quarter of it’s normal strength.


  • Should be placed in a sunny position.
  • Water fortnightly throughout the winter.
  •  After flowering lightly prune the plant back by half, feed with liquid fertiliser and step up the watering to once a week throughout spring and summer
  • Then prune lightly after every flush of flowers.

Bonsai Trees…

  • Avoid putting it in a room with fluctuating temperatures.
  • Stand the tree on a tray of moist gravel to keep a humid atmosphere around the plant.
  • Fertilize from early spring until mid autumn.


  • Place in a light spot to flower
  • Water when the soil feels and looks dry
  • After flowering, bulbs will be exhausted and are best thrown away – you could add them to your compost heap, but make sure you chop them up finely.

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