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23 Mar

Prepare your Garden for Spring Birds.

Are you wondering where all the birds are? Make your garden more bird-friendly and have flocks of visitors this spring. Birds will be looking to create nests for their offspring in a safe place with a constant source of food and water. You can be tricked into buying the wrong types of food – fatty instead of full of energy. Follow these helpful tips to ensure your doing the best for your birds…

  • Avoid feeding your birds anything unhealthy, even bread can be a disaster! Let them instead feast on healthyfood such as fruit, nuts berries and insects.  Try one of our great bird seed mixes.
  • Keep water available at all times near feeders or on your bird table. Bird’s need it for drinking and to keep their wings in good condition.
  • Give your bird feeders a good clean with hot water and a scrubbing brush. It’s vital to keep your bird feeders clean to stop any diseases spreading amongst your beautiful garden birds.

Take action by filling your bird tables and feeders with goodies to help your garden friends. We have a brilliant selection of wild bird feed full of fibre, protein, fat and carbohydrates essential for the survival of your garden birds.

It’s important to prepare your garden for nesting birds this spring. Most birds can use a wide range of materials to create their nests. Follow our guide below;

It’s easy to help birds this time of year! Create a bundle of suitable nesting material and hang it in an easy to reach place in your garden. Anything from wool, straw and dry grass to feathers, pet and human hair will do!

  • Gather the nesting material from your home or garden.
  • Use a thick twig as the centre of your bundle.
  • Start by wrapping the material around the twig, securing it as you go with garden twine.
  • When the bundle is big enough, secure it with a final wrap of twine.
  • Hang it from a conveniently placed tree, shed door, or high point in your garden.

Many birds may be ill and diseased from winter. Don’t forget to take a look at our article on how to spot diseased garden birds here!

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