Tuesday, May 22, 2018

24 Mar

How to Make your Pot Plants Last!

No gardener wants to have to re-pot plants half way through the summer. Make sure your pot plants last with these easy tips…

Water little and often!

Plants in pots need more watering than pots in the ground. Watering regularly throughout the summer should keep them healthy. Make sure you check your pot plants when the weather is extremely hot and dry. If you worry about your plants in the summer, buy plants right for your garden – drought resistent plants are brilliant during the summer.

Prepare for your holidays!

Don’t let your garden plants suffer while you’re on holiday this summer. Try to find a friend, family member or neighbour who is willing to water and deadhead your garden plants every few days. If this isn’t possible, place your pots on top of saucers full of water and group them together in a shady part of your garden.

Don’t forget to deadhead!

Deadheading is a vital part of plant care. To keep your flowers in bloom remove any dead or fading flowers before they run to seed. Deadheading helps to channel your plant’s energy into blooms so try to go over your plants every day.

Feed your plants the right food!

If you use a standard potting compost you can expect your plants to be fed for up to six weeks. After this period begin a regular liquid feeding regime or for bumper flowers and fruit, apply a potash feed.

If you have any tips or advice on how to keep your plants blooming this summer let us know! Post on our Facebook wall by clicking here!


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