Monday, June 25, 2018

25 Mar

Beware of Hanging Basket Vandals!

Last year we warned you about the increasing amount of hanging basket thieves.  We’ve become aware of more cases throughout the UK since our last post. There are stories in the news from both local and national newspapers about gardeners becoming victim to opportunist thieves.

Hanging baskets take a lot of planning, time, effort and money to create and are often the pride and joy of a garden each season. Opportunist thieves will snatch hanging baskets from the front of houses and may go on to sell them, dispose of them or use them in their own homes. As the issue of garden thieves becomes more prevalent it is increasingly important to protect your hanging baskets. If you, like many other gardeners have heard of this happening in your area or have been a victim of hanging basket theft, try our brilliant Basket Genis!

Basket Geni is a brand new concept to the gardening world – an anti-theft device which fits on to the hook or ring of your hanging baskets to stop you loosing them to theives or high winds. The Basket Geni will attach to existing or new baskets, is fully weather-resistant and toughened to last for years – it can’t be removed without an allen key.

Basket Geni is fitted with a brass insert and hex screw, it comes with an Allen key and full instructions.

Basket Geni is fitted with a brass insert and hex screw, it comes with an Allen key and full instructions. It is fitted on to the ring or hook of the basket making it impossible to remove. A set of two Basket Genis is only £7.99- a fantastic price compared with the expense of replacing a hanging basket full of plants.

Mr Marshall had this to say about his Basket Geni-

“This hanging basket anti-theft devise is easy to fit and so effective in it’s use. What a brilliant idea, money well spent!”

It’s easy and simple to attach your basket geni…

  • Place the hanging basket on the wall bracket.
  • Unscrew the Geni and open apart.
  • Place the Geni round the hook or ring.
  • Secure into position and tighten up with the allen key provided.

Click here for more information on our Basket Geni.


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