Thursday, June 21, 2018

31 Mar

How to Lift & Divide Snow Drops!

Snow drops are the first sign of spring and a beautiful addition to your garden. Snow drops will divide themselves in moist soil and can provide plenty of plants to share with fellow gardeners.

  • Snow drops can be lifted and divided when they are in leaf and even in flower.
  • Use a fork or spade to dig deep around clumps of snow drops before levering them out.
  • Then divide the clumps, pinching off the flower heads to reserve energy.
  • Replant the snowdrops around your garden.

Leave the leaves to die down as this will allow next year’s flower buds to form inside.

Traditionally, snow drops are planted in a planned formation amongst other bulbs. This method is tried and tested, and works well to ensure colour and interesting displays before your shrubs and perennials burst into life.

If you’re looking for a change, why not try mixing things up by blending bulbs together throughout your border for a more natural look. Natuarliase your bulbs by scattering them and planting them where they fall.

If you are considering planting your snow drops in containers, layer them as you go, dividing each layer with soil. This will give you a long colourful display throughout the summer. Always remember to plant the bulb that will flower last at the bottom of the pot.

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