Wednesday, July 18, 2018

14 Apr

Britain In Bloom!

Many of you would have heard about the brilliant impact ‘Britain in Bloom’ has had on communities up and down the UK. It’s Britain’s best gardening campaign and can have a wonderful affect on your local area if you haven’t already experienced it.

Gardening has many health benefits and joining forces with your neighbours can have amazing social benefits too. Greenary will brighten up any area and give people a renewed faith in their community and local area.

A brilliant example of a community making a difference is the people of Moss Side in Manchester. Neighbours that had never spoken became friends while injecting some greenary into their local area. Other examples include Cumbernauld Community Park, Glasgow where wildflowers and all the creatures that come with them have returned and Brightlingsea, Essex where town pride has been restored.

Britain in Bloom works alongside ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ also run by the RHS. This campaign focuses mainly on community groups cleaning up their local area. This can be the street where they live or a small patch of local land that needs more greenary. The campaign also focuses on how people with a loss of sight can still join in with the scheme – find out more about it by clicking here!

A group of It’s Your Neighbourhood campaigners said: “Since becoming involved we have an area that is looking better than it did three to four years ago and it’s got people taking as to how we can improve our area further. It’s Your Neighbourhood and ‘In Bloom is the best thing that’s happened to our area.”

If you want to get involved in this brilliant campaign click here!


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