Thursday, June 21, 2018

15 Apr

Cut Flower Tips & Tricks!

Being a gardener allows you to pick up brilliant tips and tricks over the years, from your own experiences and the advice of fellow gardeners. We’ve recentlycome across a few spring-time tricks to help your flowers along.

1. Don’t put Tulips and Daffodils in the same vase. As stunning as they look together, Daffodil sap is in fact poisonous to Tulips. If you recieve a mixed bouquet of Daffodils and Tulips it’s likely that they’ve been conditioned by a florist to get along. If you’ve bought two separate bouquets of each, avoid putting them in the same vase!

2. Unlike most flowers, Tulip stems continue to grow once they are cut. This means that Tulips, despite being beautiful have a tendency to droop quickly. To stop this from happening, prick the stem of the flower about 1-2 inches below the flower head.

3. Tv gardener David Domoney suggests that Viagra can give your cut flowers another week of life. Tablets are 50mg each and just 1mg will keep your flowers alive for a lot longer. Crumble up a small amount and disolve it into the water amongst your flowers. Scientists are currently working on a Viagra-style powder for flowers.

4. Domoney also suggests that a shot of vodka can work wonders on your cut flowers. The vodka will stop your vase from going green with algae and doesn’t damage your flowers in the process.

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