Friday, May 25, 2018

18 Apr

How to Save Money in Your Garden!

It’s time to sow seeds but theres no need to spend a fortune. Get thrifty in your garden with recycled seed trays, containers and watering devices.

1. Make newspaper pots. Fold a broadsheet piece of paper lengthways in half, roll it around a small jar to make a pot. Fold the bottom around the jar and pull the jar out carefully.

2. Start a veg gutter. You can buy a length of guttering from most DIY stores at a reasonable price. Cut your guttering to 1m lengths, or smaller to fit in your garden and fill it with peat-free compost. Sow your seeds like normal and water well.

It’s not just seeds that you can save money on, pests and diseases can be costly to prevent and get rid of.

3. Make mini cloches from 2 litre bottles by cutting off the bottom. Place the bottom over new seedlings to keep off slugs and prevent frost damage.

4. Ask your local pub for beer slops. Fill shallow plastic tubs and sink them into the group around your plants.

Lots of our customers have come up with ways to save money in the past, here are our favourites!

“I use my wife’s old bras to support melons and beefsteak tomatoes.”

“My garden tap is about 1 metre from the ground. I have had a shelf fitted below the tap on which I rest my watering can to fill. I am then able to remove the heavy can from the shelf instead of bending to the ground to pick it up; a great help as one gets older!”

“If you are growing vegetables and have trouble with slugs try growing inexpensive lettuce seeds around the edge of your plot (especially useful for raised beds) the slugs will feast on the lettuce and hopefully not attack anything inside (there may even be enough for you as well!)”

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