Friday, May 25, 2018

27 Apr

How to Make a Bumblebee Nest!

Bumblebees have a crucial role when it comes to pollinating some of our most important crops. There has been a massive decline in bumblebee and other pollinator’s numbers, some even becoming extinct. Without bumblebees we could face higher food costs and potential food shortages.

You can help by creating a bumblebee nest to encourage them into your garden…

What you’ll need:

1. Large stone or paving slab

2. Two bricks

3. Chicken wire or tree bark

4. Dried grass or moss

How to make the nest:

1. Dig a whole roughly 15cm deep and half the width of your slab in garden soil. Place a brick each side of the hole and dig an entry channel towards and between the bricks.

2. Take your nesting material and make sure it fits into the space between the bricks. Support the nesting marterial with some bark or chicken wire to keep it dry and elevated above the soil.

3. Place the slab on the bricks and on top of the nesting material. Make sure the material is completely covered but there is a clear entrance way for the bumblebees. You can plant around the nest, try to go for wildlife friendly plants to encourage more garden bees!


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