Monday, June 25, 2018

18 May

NEW Summer Pot Plant Combinations!

Pot plants can add colour to any garden and help to make the most out of a small space. Keeping the same displays year after year can become dull so try something new this summer.

Pot Plants to Beat the Drought…

Many of you will be experiencing drought and in turn, the house pipe ban. Drought tolerant plants take little care and can survive anywhere in the UK throughout the summer.

We offer plenty of drought tolerant plants (click here) including the popular Geranium Fire Queen, Petunia Lake Garda and Begonia Sahara. Drought tolerant plants like any other can be colour-co-ordinating in pastels or contrasting in bright mutli-colours. If you’re looking for something with a little more texture take a look at our Euphorbia Myrsinites, Salvia Desert Fire or Salvia Seascape.

Edible Pots…

Want to start growing your own veg but don’t have the space? Create an edible pot display with our vegetable plants (click here). Whether you want to grow stunning herbs to add to your home-cooked meals or our delicious sweet and neat tomatoes theres something for everyone.

Colourful Combinations…

Create a fiery pot display this summer of orange, yellow and red. Try a mix of our Phormium Amazing Red,CoreopsisCarnation Can CanPhormium Duet or Japanese Maple if you have a little more room.

A pastel pot display can brighten up a shady area.

Colour co-ordination at it’s best. Pastel colours have a relaxing and calming affect on gardens that can seem cluttered or too ‘busy’ with other colours. For pinks – Lavender RoseaLavatera Barnsley or Queen Elizabeth Hybrid Tea Rose. For blues - Lavender MunsteadPetunia Montage or Hydrangea Saxon Rathen. For lilacs – Clematis Flora FilergreeSyringa Collection or Phlox Blue Boy.

Keep your pot plants flourishing all summer…

1. Water little and often – Watering regularly throughout the summer should keep them healthy.

2. Don’t forget to deadhead – Deadheading is a vital part of plant care. To keep your flowers in bloom remove any dead or fading flowers before they run to seed.

3. Feed your plants the right food – If you use a standard potting compost you can expect your plants to be fed for up to six weeks. After this period begin a regular liquid feeding regime or for bumper flowers and fruit, apply a potash feed.

Click here to read our full article on how to make your pot plants last!


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