Tuesday, May 22, 2018

23 May

Beat the Drought this Summer!

Many of you have been affected by the hose pipe ban since April. If you’re unclear on what the hose pipe means for you take a look at our ‘don’t do’ list below!

  • Use a hosepipe attached to your mains supply to water your garden or allotment
  • Use a hosepipe to fill a watering can or bucket
  • Use a hosepipe to fill swimming pools, ponds or any other water feature (unless you have fish etc!)
  • Use a hosepipe for games
  • Use a hosepipe to clean walls, windows, paths, patios or cars
  • Use a hosepipe to water your lawn or attach to a sprinkler

The weather in the past few days has been extremely hot all over the UK, which won’t have helped the drought. Combat the hose pipe ban by following our checklist below;

1. Plant drought tolerant plants! If you’re planning on adding new plants to your garden take a look at our drought tolerant plants by clicking here! These plants are almost maintenance free and will last through the summer – whatever the weather.

2. Keep the plants you already have alive! If you are more focussed on helping your current plants survive make sure you water little and often. Picking up and carrying a watering can could be painful on your back, so try to build a small ledge out of wood or bricks under your tap to make it easier. Pot plants need a little more water than plants in beds but most plants don’t need to be watered every day.

3. Don’t water in the day! Only water your plants in the morning or evening, never during the day time. The water will evaporate leaving little by your plants. If you do have to water them in the day cover your plants with fleece to prevent evaporation.

4. Control weeds! Lay weed-suppressing membrane to control weeds and keep your garden soil damp.

5. Don’t apply certain¬†fertilisers! Avoid nitrogen-rich fertilisers, as these encourage leafy growth that dries out.

6. Find watering alternatives! You don’t have to rely on watering this summer. We offer fantastic Raingel Granules as a good alternative, just one application will feed your plants all season and cut your watering by up to 90%. Find out more by clicking here!


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