Tuesday, May 22, 2018

24 May

Prepare and Improve your Pond for Summer!

The breeding season for pond creatures has already started so make sure they have the best environment possible to grow. As well as attracting beneficial creatures ponds also attract algae and pond weed. A small amount is good for tadpoles and other creatures, but too much can block sunlight and prevent plants to prevent them from photosynthesising – reducing oxygen levels.

It’s easy to keep your pond clear and algae-free, take a look at our steps below:

1. Add barley straw! Barley straw is a cheap and simple way to get your pond algae down. The straw limits algal growth by absorbing excess nitrogen. Remove the straw after six months, or when it turns black.

2. Condition the water! If you top up your pond with tap water, add a conditioner to remove chlorine and minimise algae.

3. Oxygenate the pond! Plants such as hornwort and elodea, which sit below the surface will add oxygen to improve water quality.

4. Limit fish numbers! Pond algae can thrive when fish food and fish waste is rife. Limiting fish population to a number the pond can contain easily will limit the amount of algae.

Don’t let your work go to waste. Over the next few months test the quality of the water by testing for nitrates incase the fish waste is building up to a toxic level.


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