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FAQs About Weeding…

First of all lets look at the different types of weeds you can find in your garden.

Event the best kept gardens are prone to weeds because they’ll grown anywhere. Weeds can be invasive and damaging so its best to know what type of weed you are tackling before you start.
Weeds can be put into two groups – annual weeds or perennial weeds.
Annual weeds are grown from seed and like normal annuals will mature in one season. They go to seed leaving more weeds to start sprouting next season, annuals are fast growing meaning that they can leave behind a vast quantity of seeds. The aim is to control these weeds before they bloom.

Perennial weeds are a little bit tougher to remove. They survive the winter by storing food in their roots and their creeping roots make them harder to control.  Perennial weeds will produce new foliage in the spring and die down towards winter. To get rid of perennial weeds you must kill or remove every bit of root or stem.

Many of you have asked the same questions about weeds and how to get rid of them in the past, so here are your answers!

How can I stope daisies taking over my garden?

Some of you may encourage daisies in your garden but they can be quite difficult to remove if you want a pure green lawn. Grasp the whole daisy clump and twist it up and out of the ground. If you like you can also use weed killer to get rid of them. Once the daisies are gone sprinkle over a little grass seed to cover the patch you’ve left behind.

How can I deal with bindweed?

Bindweed as you probably know is one of the most persistant weeds. Digging it out won’t stop the weed from growing because the cut roots act as a propegator. Cover the area with an old carpet to exclude light for a year which will starve the weed.

Can I prevent dandelions from growing back?

Danelions produce lots of seeds on their clocks, which are distrubuted by the wind, making them spread easily. They can also grow from a small amount of root left in the soil – so be careful when weeding! If dandelions keep coming back in your garden take a sharp knife and make sure the entire extract of soil with containing the taproot is gone. Regular uprooting like this will eventually get rid of them.

How much weed killer should I use?

Firstly, you need to choose the right weed killer for your gardening needs. There are four main types of weed killer -

  • Selective weedkillers – these will only kill particular plants. The most common is lawn weedkillers which kill weeds without harming the grass.
  • Total weedkillers – these kill all weeds i your garden, prevening any futher growth for several¬†months. They’re mostly used on plants.
  • Systematic or Translocated – weedkillers work inside the plant so there is no visible change for weeks after spraying then the whole plant dies. They’re used to clear large areas and on perennial weeds.
  • Contact weedkillers – kill the tops of leafy plants on contact, acting as a kind of chemical hoe. But they don’t kill perennial roots or prevent the next batch of seeds germinating.

When and how often should I hoe my borders?

Try to hoe your borders every week or so. In public gardens staff tend to hoe the soil before they see any weeds as a prevention method. This dislodges germinating seedlings so they dehydrate and die. It is very quick and theres nothing to collect and remove afterwords. It even works with perennial weeds as with their tops constantly cut off they have no time to recharge their roots with carbohydrates and so you literally starve the plants!


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