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Top Bird Care Tip for April – Hair of the Dog!

Bird Care

'Hair of the Dog' Comfy or What?

Mike Stentiford MBE, feature writer for Jersey Plants Direct offers his Top Bird Care Tips for April titled ‘Hair of the Dog!’

Now here’s a thing! – Chances are that, as a wildlife-friendly person, there’s a very close member of your own family that enjoys country walks, chases sticks and wags its tail a lot! In other words, we’re talking of man’s best friend and if mine is anything to go by, the bond of friendship doesn’t come any stronger.

Dogs, of course, come in a variety of shapes sizes and hair styles and Bodie, my tri-Sheltie, has a coat of hair thicker and smoother than a cashmere pullover. As such, regular brushing becomes something of an essentiality although, at this particular time of the year, the combing has a distinct eco-merit about it. Taking a hanful of soft Bodie-hair. I pack it all into an ordinary wire feeder, suspend it away from the main feeding station and leave it up to the birds to take beakfuls away for lining their nest or nest-box. Great tits and Blue tits go absolutely crazy over it! This ‘hair of the dog’ tip is guaranteed to work beautifully for anyone with a long-haired canine while, for a nesting bird, having a foundation of such ‘pedigree’ quality must be akin to sitting on a swan-down duvet – comfy or what?

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