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What plants grow in the shade?

Shady Border Collection

Jersey Plants Direct's Shady Border Collection

One of the most frequent questions our feature writer Christine Walkden is asked is, what plants grow in shade? She has put together a collection that will bring interest to your garden for a long period of time.

In order to grow plants in the shade it is important to ensure that the plants establish well during the first season, explains Christine. To do this you must use plenty of compost or organic matter, a water absorbing gel in the planting hole will also help considerably. Christine takes the mystery out of growing plants in the shade and gives you the hints and tips you need to see your shady borders bloom.

Find out which plants make the best shady borders

For winter Christine Walkden suggests you try Bergenia Pink Dragonfly. She says this is a great plant, flowering during April to June… it produces luscious bright pink flowers. The Heucherellas are also great plants in the shade. The Heucheralla Stoplight produces a striking, large yellow leaf with an attractive red centre and in the spring white flowers. For lovely shady borders from May through to August you can plant the Tiarella or Pink Skyrocket. It is another plant which enjoys the shade and can grow up to 20cm tall.  The Pulmonaria for example has the variety which has fresh green neatly spotted leaves and clusters of pale blue flowers. This can be combined with daffodils, for example, to make a stunning collection. There is so much you can do to make your borders thrive. Plants in the shade, Christine proves, can look wonderful and can be easy to encourage.

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