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What’s all the buzz about?

Read this article to find out why you should, and how to attract bees into your garden

Christine Walkden, feature writer at Jersey Plants Direct explains why garden bees are so important to any garden. She explains, that Buzz is a very important sound, as without itbees many of our crops would not be pollinated. Imagine a garden with less wildflowers, variety and colour? Without garden bees fertilization would not take place and no seed would be set, resulting in many food and ornamental plants struggling to survive. That’s why garden bees are so important. In fact, it is getting more difficult to attract bees into the garden because the bee population has gone down significantly. So, it is even more important for any gardener to try and entice and attract bees into their garden. The Garden Bee, Christine says, is the most useful of insects to the gardener. For more information you can read more here

How to attract bees into your garden

Christine offers a few important tips on how to attract bees into your garden. She explains that Garden bees need pollen and nectar to feed their colonies therefore, your garden needs to be an attractive food source for garden bees. Starting in the spring garden plants such as Crocus, Daffodils and lilacs all produce a wonderful food source and attracts bees into the garden.

Christine suggests some other fragrant foliage and summer flowers to make your garden a food source for garden bees. Read more about the varieties that will attract bees into your garden. Not only will your garden look and smell beautiful with different layers of flowers such as Geraniums, Honeysuckle and Californian Poppies – all of which attract bees into your garden – but your vegetables will prosper too. Christine advises growing Sweet Peas with runner beans for a bumper crop, find out why by reading the full article here.

There are a number of perennials too that will attract bees into the garden, including the stately Foxglove which is so typical of an English country garden. Add a few shrubs, such as the famous Hydrangea and your garden will be a delight for all, including the ever so important garden bee. You can encourage bees into your garden, as well as birds and a few two–legged visitors no doubt! In fact, create a buzz and everyone will enjoy your garden with all the colour and interest you can create there.

Read the full article on how to attract bees into your garden


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