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Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Use Our Plant Finder!

There’s so many plants on offer that buying online for your garden can be an overwhelming task. We’ve developed an easy, simple way to find plants that will suit you and your gardening needs – The Plant Finder!  The Plant Finder allows you to select a category of plants, the colour you’re looking for, what the plant is ideal for, when it flowers and whether it’s wildlife friendly or not.

Refine your selection using these options and our Plant Finder will dynamically find the plant right for you.  You can refine your search as much as you like, and change your selections by just re-selecting.  If you want to start again, just press clear and re-select! 

Click here to try out our Plant Finder!

Here’s an idea of how the selection process works…

Category of plants

Starting with the categories will narrow your search down quickly. The category options include bedding plants, bulbs, tubers & corms, carnivorous plants, flower seeds, fruit trees, perennials, pond friendly plants, roses and shrubs. Once you’ve selected the type of plant you’re looking for use the other options to narrow your search down further.


Whether you’re looking to completely colour theme your garden or simply want some co-ordination in your displays, our plant finder can help! Select the type of plant you are looking for from our categories and then the colour you are looking for. If you don’t know what category to choose, simply select the colour and any other attributes and we’ll generate plant choices for you.

Wildlife Friendly

If you are trying to attract a particular type of wildlife into your garden this is perfect for you. Choose from bees, moths and butterflies. If you aren’t sure what type of plant you are looking for we’ll generate all the wildlife-friendly plants for you to choose from.

Ideal for

From window sills to ponds we know that our customers are usually looking for something specific to add to their garden. Our plant finder makes it easier – choose from hanging baskets, borders or patio’s and conservatories. If you don’t know what type of plant or colour you’re looking for we’ll generate all the plants that are ideal for your selection.


When plants flower is vital knowledge when choosing what to buy, you can select flowering time from a list on our Plant Finder to narrow your search.

If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, use the plant characteristics we’ve included in our Plant Finder. Optional characteristics include  climbing, trailing, rain tolerant, double flowers, evergreen, ground cover, british bred, drought tolerant and scented. Using these characteristics mean you don’t have to read individual plant descriptions, saving you lots of time.

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