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11 Jul

How to Control Pests Organically!

We are reaching the middle of summer, a time where pests thrive in the warm weather and start feeding from your new blooms! Your first instinct might be to use a strong pesticide, but there are plenty of organic alternatives that work just as well.

Its important in every garden to have a balance between pests and predators. This is easily achievable by sticking to some gardening rules, the first being not to use chemicals! If you eradicate pests completely there will be no food for predators such as ladybirds, hedgehogs, frogs and birds that need your garden to survive.

By encouraging garden predators to thrive, pest levels will become tolerable. Attract frogs by creating a log pile or small garden pond if you don’t have one already. Nectar-rich flowers will encourage hoverflies and bees into your garden while bird feeders will keep your feathered friends coming back time after time.

Sometimes the pests come before the predators, espeically in the case of aphids and ladybirds. You can buy packs of adult ladybirds to release into your garden before they arrive naturally. Alternatively help keep pests at bay before their predators arrive by using these organic solutions…

  • Avoid using pestacides in your garden because they also harm beneficial insects, creating a balance between predators and pests can take time, so keep at it!
  • Create physical barries by using coffee grounds, crushed shells or grit to stop slugs and snails getting close to your plants. If this doesn’t work, try attaching a copper strip around the top of your pots.
  • Use a soap-spray wash by hand to take aphids off your plant leaves in an organic way.
  • Pests will get confused if you plant something they love next to a fragrant plant they don’t like. The smell should mask the plant next to it enough to deter them.
  • One of the best things you can do is simply walk around your garden brushing or picking off pests when you see them. Re-locate them outside of your garden.

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