Wednesday, May 23, 2018

03 Jul

July Garden – Sowing & Planting!

July – a hot and dry month can put a lot of stress on your garden, made worse by the hosepipe ban. If you have any grey water and collected rain water, use it to give your plants a drink. Baskets can suffer in hot weather too and die if not watered regularly. This month enjoy the summer and your garden, but don’t forget there’s plenty to do to ensure you get the best from your plants!

Sowing and planting:

July is the time  to plant autumn flowering bulbs and order your autumn bedding plants. Where your early border flowers have finished and are starting to die down fill in the spaces with Cannas, Fuchsia, Cosmos and Verbena Bonariensis, all will provide colour and interest for the rest of the summer.


This month sow Beetroot, Spring Cabbages, Lettuces, Spring Onions, and Rocket. You’ll need to keep them well watered so keep that in mind if the weather gets really hot. Harvest Garlic, Onions, and Shallots when the lower leaves start to turn yellow.  You can dry them outside if it’s dry and sunny or on an indoor windowsill.

Courgettes can be picked when they are about 15cm long and harvest your Peas and Beans. Carrots are ready when the tops of the carrots, which are visible, look like they are the right diameter.  Harvest Potatoes if they are ready.  New Potatoes are ready a week or so after the flowers appear and all other Potatoes are ready when the foliage starts to die and turn yellow.

At this time you should have plenty of ripe Tomatoes to pick. Keep the stalk intact and store at room temperature for the best flavour. Harvest early Blackberries, Blackcurrants, Redcurrants and Gooseberries when they are slightly soft.  Once your Strawberries have finished fruiting you can cut them back to 2cm high. Most varieties crop well for only 3 years.


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