Wednesday, May 23, 2018

05 Jul

July Garden – Tidy, Protect & Maintain!

Tidying your garden:

Dead head bedding plants and perennials to encourage and prolong flowering. Cut back and feed Delphiniums and Geraniums to encourage a second flowering period. Dead head bedding plants and perennials to encourage and prolong flowering Make sure tall perennials such as Lupins and Delphiniums are staked up and tie in climbers such as Roses and Clematis to trellis, fences, and walls. Train new growth diagonally or horizontally to encourage more flower buds.


To save water you can mulch borders – a layer of 2-3 inches will help keep down weeds too. Move pots and containers into the shade to stop them drying out so quickly. Make sure you water well throughout July, rain is scarce and plants prefer a regular, deep soaking as this helps develop a strong root system. It is best to water in the early morning before the heat of the day. Hoe your borders to ensure that weeds don’t take over if you go on holiday. Perennials weeds are best dealt with in the summer when they are growing fast. Try a weed killer or, if you prefer the natural approach, dig them out.


If Clematis suddenly collapse this could suggest clematis wilt. The foliage turns black and the veins take on a purple colour. Affected stems should be cut down to ground level and the remaining stems and the surrounding soil sprayed with a fungicide. Treat any black spots you may find on your Roses. Black spot can be identified by black or brown patches on the leaves and the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. If left untreated it will strip the plant of all leaves and eventually kill the rose.


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