Monday, June 25, 2018

02 Jul

What Wildlife to Expect in July!

During July you’ll notice the familiar summer sight of butterflies, bees and moths in your garden. Plant nectar-rich plants to encourage more into your garden than ever before. Plant nicotiana, night-scented stocks and evening primroses to attract more wildlife both during the day and in the evening.

Like last month, you are likely to see bats wheeling and hovering through the night sky. You’ll often see them swooping over your flowers to snatch up insects to eat.

This July we are focusing on the Pipistrelle bat. They are the smallest and most common in the UK measuring only 3.5-4.5 cm. Pipistrelle Bats occupy a variety of habitats, including open woodland, parks, marshes, farmland and urban areas. Young Pipistrelles are born this month and can start to fly after 3 weeks. Their numbers have decreased over the last decade so help them find a summer home by adding a bat box to your garden.

As well as bats, July is the perfect time for owl watching. Owl chicks are still reliant on their parents this month which means you’ll be seeing a lot of both young and adult owls. Find out which owl species is most common in your local area and try to catch a glimpse.

Sitting back and relaxing in your garden this month will allow you to hear and see a whole host of different wildlife, especially if you create the perfect environment for them. Wood pigeons can be seen sitting on your garden fences or feeding from the ground. Encourage them into your garden using ground feed then sit back to enjoy their pleasant coo-ing.
You’ll probably be able to hear the familiar chirp of Grasshoppers. Field Grasshoppers vary from green to pink but all have the same white hourglass outline on the thorax. Long grass will encourage these friendly bugs into your garden, so lay off the mowing!

Red and Grey Squirrels can be seen looking for food to feed their second litter this month. We are lucky enough to have a large amount red squirrels here in Jersey, but look out for greys too in the UK!


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