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22 Jun

Meet Our Customer Service Team!

Earlier this year we moved to a larger office in St Helier, Jersey. The extra space has allowed us to employ more staff and add new phone lines to our call centre. We are extremely proud of the improvements we’ve made this year to give you a better service than ever before.

Every aspect of our mail order service is completed with the utmost care by our dedicated staff at both our office and our nurseries.

Our post room takes care of processing the orders we receive by mail. Our staff have been extremely busy this year, in one week we had 10, 815 items arrive by post!

Below you can see Bunty and Sue working in our post room…


The majority of our customers order by so our call centre staff are very busy! We’ve doubled the number of phone lines we have and at the peak of the spring season 35 members of staff were answering your calls.

Our dedicated team make sure that all calls are answered within a minute or less. Even during our busiest season unanswered calls were at a new low. To give you an idea, at in one week we received 13,885 calls and successfully answered 13, 269 of them!

Our new office has allowed us to be more flexible with our opening hours too, in March our phone lines were open until 8pm between Monday and Friday.

Our friendly staff are always happy to help and many of our customers want to know about Jersey, our office and nursery. We’d be delighted to give you any information you want to know – we even have fantastic holiday offers if you want to visit!

The print room is the next step to receiving your order, Jon (pictured below) prints and organises address labels ready for your plants to be delivered to you!

Our supervisors Natalie, Dawn and Shane are always on hand to assist staff, answer your queries and keep everything running smoothly.


Once your order arrives you can call, email or write to our customer service team with any queries or comments you have about your plants.

Joy, Sam, Patrick and Henry from our customer service team are happy to be contacted via phone, email or letter. They aim to reply as quickly as possible and love receiving your feedback!



You can reach our customer service team by calling 01534 871 113 or sending a letter to Jersey Plants Direct, PO Box 91, Jersey, JE4 9PX.  For more information take a look at our ‘contact us’ page.


4 Comments on "Meet Our Customer Service Team!"

  1. Pat Clift on Tue, 3rd Jul 2012 8:42 pm 

    Yes, your service and plants have always been good, but where,oh where are my hanging baskets????
    I was told last week that you were waiting for packaging, but aassured me that I would receive them last week! I am still waiting!

  2. Jersey gardener on Wed, 18th Jul 2012 10:34 am 

    Dear Pat,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are waiting on receiving your hanging baskets. I believe that someone from our customer services team has contacted you since your post and hopefully you will have received your order by now.

    Happy gardening!

    Best regards,

    Jersey Gardener

  3. Chris on Sat, 17th Nov 2012 1:11 pm 

    The chap on the third picture down looked after my cat once. :)

  4. stewart mellett on Sun, 20th Jan 2013 3:25 pm 

    Hi, just to say that we bought about 50 geraniums a couple of years ago when we moved here and every year they have got bigger and better, I do dig them up at the end of the summer and pot them up and put them in the grenhouse over winter. I have also bought antirrhinums and osteospermums from you and have been very pleased with the plants and the results, will be placing another order shortly, my garden is always a picture in the summer and I have to say that if i had to buy all the plants in a garden centre I could not affford to do it. many thanks.

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