Monday, June 25, 2018

06 Aug

What Wildlife to Expect this Month!

This month you’ll see butterflies and bees trying to find the last few un-faded blooms around the garden. A lack of flowers this time of year can often leave pollinators at risk. Help provide your garden wildlife with nectar to survive hibernation by growing late-flowering plants.

Dahlias, Penstemons and Asters are perfect for hoverflies, butterflies and bees.

You’ll also see other wildlife around your garden this month including…

Beetles and other insects - deadwood on tress and shrubs provide a perfect habitat for beetles. Prunings can be piled up with debris and leaves providing shelter for beetles, insects, amphibians and small mammals. These animals will be on hand in spring to combat early pest infections.

Baby birds – Trim hedges once baby birds are fully grown but make sure to check first! If your hedge produces berries, leave the job until January so they have an extra source of winter food.

Bats – bats were affected this year by the early rainfall. Babies are born in late May and June making them susceptible to cold which can cause hypothermia and eventually death. Mother bats also find it harder to catch insects in wet conditions which means they produce less milk for their young. Encourage more insects into your garden by creating a shallow pond or growing nectar-rich plants.

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