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08 Aug

How to go Organic!

Organic gardening isn’t for everyone but it’s easy to achieve if you want to make a change. Organic gardening allows nature to take over and although it might take a while your garden will find a balance. The transitionĀ to an organic gardenĀ is both free of money and doesn’t take any extra time.

The healthiest type of garden is balanced and heals itself. It’s not to say that all chemical use is wrong, pests often are uncontrollable by natural methods. Remember that by using chemicals to assist the growth of your vegetables, you are in turn eating chemical produce.

Here are our easy steps to go organic…

1. Look after your garden soil

Composting is the best way to ensure you have a healthy garden. Recycle as much of your household and garden waste as possible.

2. Let nature take over

Use your compost as soil invigorator rather than as a fertiliser. The organisms that thrive in nearby healthy soil will make nutrients available to plants.

3. Plant small

Plants will adapt to your soil ecosystem pretty quickly but it’s best to raise your own plants from seed, cuttings and division and regard the first few growing seasons as an investment in a healthy future.

4. Grow suitable plants

One of the oddities of British gardening is our desire to grow plants from the other side of the world, that hate our climate and conditions. This is asking for trouble, instead choose native plants that will flourish in your garden.

5. Tolerate your garden pests

If you want a wide range of garden wildlife, then you must have the less appealing ones! To attract hedgehogs, beetles, birds and toads you must allow slugs to live in your garden.

6. Accept some imperfection

Learn to live with predation and disease. If the garden is basically healthy and beautiful then welcome life as it is lived rather than a fantasy of what it might be.

7. Grow your plants hard

The more you mollycoddle any plants the less well equipped they will be against weather, pests or disease.

8. Be patient

Your garden won’t become perfect and organic over night but it won’t take too long. It can take up to three years to establish a healthy organic garden tuned to the specific circumstances of your plot. Don’t be alarmed if there are imbalances that seem disastorous.

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