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Alternative Space Saving Gardens!

As more and more of the UK becomes built up its important that we try to re-create some of the space in we’ve taken over. This can be done through the creation of wall gardens and roof gardens. Take a look below at these alternative garden options for those of you lacking space or wanting to assist the environment!

Vertical garden

Plants don’t need to be planted in a bed or border full of soil, many will survive just with water and minerals. Light and carbon dioxide are sufficient for photosynthesis to perform and keep plants flourishing. Naturally plants often grow vertically on their own so it’s no wonder that vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular. You can create your own vertical garden really easily, follow these steps…

1. Find or buy any old crate, whichever size you want.

2. Buy seed starter cells, either plastic or eco-friendly. Fit the seed cells into the crate so they fit snugly.

3. Use chicken wire as a barrier to hold the plants in place when it’s hung on the wall. Cut the wire to fit securely in the crate but only add it after the plants are in place.

4. Fill the seed starter cells with soil and put the plants in place. If you are planting larger plants, when attaching the chicken wire make sure to pull the plants through gaps in the wire. Cut bigger holes in the wire if necessary, making sure to keep the wire in place.

5. The final step is to add moss and wedge it into any existing gaps. Moss will stop the soil from falling out and gives an attractive coverage between plants.

6. Water the plants, keeping the soil moist. Leave it to flourish horizontally for a while before securely attaching it to your wall.

You can create vertical walls in tons of different shapes, sizes and colours. Before creating a vertical wall, consider the following options…

  • Use succulents to create a stunning pastel wall either in purple, pink, blue or green.
  • Use multiple, smaller wall hangings to create a symmetrical pattern or simply have more variety.
  • Cover an entire wall (if you’re feeling ambitious!) This will benefit your local wildlife and add interest to a bare garden wall.

Roof Garden

Roof gardens, traditionally created in urban areas are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors away from city life. Besides the decorative benefit, roof gardens can provide food if you fancy growing your own and are a haven for wildlife. Roof gardens are a much sought after asset when living in a city and can raise the price of your home.

When it comes to building your roof garden there are a few starting points to be aware of -

  • Planning permission must be given before you start any work on your roof garden.
  • Check the foundation you are building on, not all roofs are meant to hold extra weight!
  • Check for water drainage and waterproofing, like any garden yours will need water to thrive!

Once you have checked all of the above you can start planning your roof garden. Roof gardens can range of simple designs to architectural wonders. Take a look at these ideas below and find a roof garden to suit you!

1. Simple design – think about creating a Japanese style garden. Japanese gardens are easy to copy and don’t take a lot of work. Incorporate low wooden beds and lots of ground cover and low lying shrubs. Any plants that are sun and wind tolerant are perfect for a roof garden.

2. Edible garden- If you’re keen to grow your own fruit and veg a roof top garden is the perfect place. Lots of veg thrives in the sun and can give you produce all year round. Create beds and plan where and when to plant your favourite fruit and vegetables. Mix in veg-friendly plants such as marigolds to brighten up the space.

3. A focal point - If you want your roof garden to be impressive and well-designed there are a few things you shouldn’t forget! A focal point is necessarry – seating, a gazebo, container garden, trellis or raised flower bed will catch the eye of your visitors.

Let us know how you have used an usual space to create a garden! Post on our Facebook wall by clicking here and don’t forget to include photos!


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