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15 Aug

Small Garden Designs!

Small gardens can feel like a curse, especially if you’re a keen gardener. Cramming as many plants as possible into your garden can seem tempting when you’re lacking space but with a well planned design you can achieve any look you want. We’ve come up with three fantastic garden ideas to make the best out of your small garden…

Cottage garden

 This design is easily achieved and perfect for those of you who still want lots of gardening to do. Plant space saving plants such as climbing roses and ramblers, foxgloves to give height and low growing lavender to cover the ground.

Split the garden in two by creating a stepping stone path right to the back, this will enable you to reach all of your plants. Focus on an array of pastel colours for a co-ordinated look and finish it off with a garden bench.  

To find out more about creating a cottage garden, read our blog post by clicking here!

Formal, minimalist garden

 This design is a little more maintenance free. A formal garden should be full of straight, clean cut lines and usually has either a controlled lawn, decking or paving mixed with formal plantings.

It’s best to stick to one colour scheme in this type of garden, I recommend filling your garden with green hedges, lawn and grasses to add structure and interest while maintaining a uniformed look. 

Symmetrical lines are an important part of any formal garden, click here to find out more about symmetrical gardens.

Child friendly garden

Its difficult in a small garden to create a balance between a space you love and an area safe for your children and grandchildren to play. Often a formal garden isn’t safe for children and a cottage garden doesn’t leave much room for them to enjoy the outdoors.

Use grass or wood chippings as a safe area for playing and buy toys you can put away or blend in with the surroundings to create a sense of space. Alternatively, try to get your children involved with the things you love about gardening by planting fast growing fruit and veg, they’ll love being part of the process.

Let us know what you’ve done with your small garden by posting on our Facebook page, don’t forget the photos!



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