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Garden Pests – Aphids

Continuing our series of Top Garden pests, today we take a look at Aphids -

Aphids are commonly found on roses

Aphids are commonly found on roses and can build up into big colonies if you let them

Aphids – Otherwise know as greenfly and black fly these sap-sucking insect pests feed on all foliage and flowers and are particularly partial to ornamental plants, fruit, vegetables and houseplants. There are over 500 species of Aphid in Britain and they range in size from 1-7mm (1/16 – 1/4in) long.

Aphids cause distorted growth and excrete a sticky substance which attracts a growth of sooty mould. They can be carried for hundreds of miles by wind or air currents and can transfer viruses to other plants notably Strawberries, Raspberries, Tomatoes, Dahlias and Sweet peas.


A colony of young aphids. Aphids suck the sap of plants weakening them.

How to Spot Aphids

You should be able to see them without a magnifying glass. Look out for their pear-shaped bodies and thin spindly legs and pipes called ‘cornicles’ at the bottom of their abdomen. If you notice distorted new growth on your plants, this is likely to be the work of aphids. Be on the lookout for them from spring to late summer and all year round indoors. They are commonly found on roses and can build up into big colonies if you let them!

Read the full article and find out how to treat Aphids.


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