Wednesday, July 18, 2018

17 Aug

Autumn Plug Plants and Everything You Need To Grow them!

There’s great enjoyment in watching Plug Plants flourish from such small plants into a wonderful bed of flowers. We know that not all gardeners have the time to grow plants on, but for those who do we have a fantastic range of Plug Plants despatching now. Click here to view our full range!

Many of our customers look forward to growing on their Plug Plants every year, Mr Thompson said: “I get my flower plug plants every year from Jersey Plants. They are the best money can buy. If you want the best, deal with the best and Jersey Plants are the very best”

These Autumn Plug Plants are grown in individual cells and measure approximately 4-8cm in height, from the root of the plant to the top of the stem. They are available as 100 + 60 FREE plants with some varieties also available as 70 + 35 FREE. These plants are ideal for the gardener who has a greenhouse, conservatory or similar facilities in which to grow them on, until they are ready to plant in the garden. These plants will be despatched from August to September.

Autumn Plug Plants are the best way to keep your garden full of colour through the winter. If you’re still worried about the state of your plants during the harsh weather try our ‘fully frost hardy’ Plug Plants including the colourful Primrose Valiant.

We have fantastic new introductions and all your old favourites! Traditional Pansies, Primroses and Polyanthus are now joined by the new Pansy Baby Can Can and Pansy Butterfly.  

Brilliant new colours and scented plugs are also available. Viola Itsy Bitsy, Primrose Rosebud, Primrose Harlequin and Pansy Oceana have been improved and now consist of bolder and better colour combinations!

Some of our plugs are perfect for hanging baskets like Viola Ochre and Pansy Cascadia Trailing while Pansy Aquarelle is a beautiful pastel Pansy perfect for containers.

We also have everything you need to plant and grow on your Plug Plants

  • Trays – these sturdy commercial design trays are ideal for growing on our plug plants.
  • Stainless steel widger – perfect for transplanting plug plants with ease this is an essential product for any gardener!
  • Fertiliser – the fertiliser has just the right balance of nutrients, minerals plus added growth enhancers for your flourishing plug plants.

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