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19 Sep

Time to Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs!

As we head into autumn it’s time to start thinking about beautiful spring displays. There’s nothing like seeing spring’s first flowers flourishing and planting bulbs now while the days are still relatively warm will save

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Our bulb collection not only include last years favorites but also some brand new varieties. Flowering Plant Bulbs will come up year after year and so will give years of delight.  We don’t just have spring flowering bulbs, we have summer flowering too, so whichever season you have a fantastic choice. Don’t forget to check out our amazing “Double Up” Bulb Offer - get double the bulbs for just 50% more!

Bulbs are easy to plant and the process doesn’t take long or much extra care. Leave them to it and welcome stunning flowers in spring or summer. Follow these simple steps when planting your bulbs -

  • As a general rule bulbs should be planted two or three times their own depth and around two bulbs width apart from each other.
  • Plant your bulbs in rich soil with good drainage and don’t forget – plenty of sunlight!
  • Prep your soil by getting rid of any weeds and loosening the soil. You can add grit if you don’t have brilliant drainage.
  • Plant them pointy side up and if you can’t tell which end is pointy plant it sideways so the stem will eventually find its way.
  • Water when you first plant and afterwards if you’re having a dry season.

Bulbs are extremely versatile and can be planted in tons of different ways…

Beds & Borders -

f you are planting bulbs in your garden beds, its best to keep a note of which bulbs are planted where to avoid planting over them and disturbing them in years to come.

Bulbs are perfect for filling gaps in your borders, blending with perennials or shrubs and rejuvenating your garden with their bright colours early in the year. Try growing groups of early-flowering bulbs like tulips in a bed which will be occupied by annuals later in the summer, this ensures your garden keeps its beautiful display for longer.

If you enjoy mixing your bedding and bulbs, try planting a layer of tulips over your winter-flowering plants for a fantastic spring finale. Plant your bulbs as you would normally, making sure that your bedding plants are affected by poor drainage and overcrowding.

In pots & containers - 

Pots and containers are ideal for small gardens, or brightening up a patio or balcony space. Bulbs will give your garden an instant lift and are extremely easy to plant and care for. Choose from a selection of window boxes, tubs, troughs or barrels – bulbs will look fantastic in any of them!

Don’t be afraid of being inventive when it comes to planting. You can keep it simple by planting just one variety in each pot or you can mix it up a little by planting several varieties together. It’s tricky to get all the flowers to appear at the same time, but a varied flowering is part of the excitement of planting bulbs.

Naturalised -

Alternatively, don’t be scared to try naturalizing bulbs if you want a more ‘natural-looking’ display. Literally just throw bulbs in the air and plant them where they fall to make them look like they grow there naturally.

If you have trees in your garden, try planting the bulbs at the bottom of the tree, the soil is usually moist and light which is perfect for growing bulbs, the colourful display will distract from those bare-branches.

In your home -

Bring some bulbs inside to brighten up your home. Simply ensure you chose bulbs specifically for indoor cultivation. The best bulbs to plant indoors are hyacinth with their beautiful scent, or daffodils. Make sure you place your next to a sunny window, but make sure it doesn’t get too warm. Water your bulbs more frequently than if they were outside to keep the soil moist.

Are you planting bulbs this autumn? Let us know what your favourite bulbs are by commenting on this post or on our Facebook wall by clicking here!


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