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29 Sep

Create Your Own Autumn Hanging Basket!

Autumn hanging baskets are a fantastic way to add some colour and interest to your garden this winter. They are extremely versatile and a brilliant idea for smaller gardens. If you have a shady garden hanging baskets could be the answer as planting something a little higher up means your flowers are likely to get a the sunlight they need to flourish.

Fill your hanging baskets with hardy and evergreen plants this winter for a fantastic long lasting display. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, try our easy guide to creating the perfect summer hanging basket…

Start by -

  • Using a good quality compost.
  • Thinking about the symmetry of the basket.
  • Selecting colours that work together.
  • Choosing 3 to 4 different plants

Firstly take one of our 12inch Easi Hanging Baskets. The flat base gives stability while the side panels make it easy to add plants to the display.

Make sure you cover the inside of the basket with lining. There are lots of liners to choose from – moss gives a natural look while felt is easier to work with. Fill the basket with a layer of compost and make the appropriate cuts in the appropriate cuts in the inner liner spread equally around the basket .

Select trailing plants to use around the edges of your basket. This will cover the inner lining and make your basket look full of colour. Insert the plant through the hole you’ve just cut. Make sure the roots are fully inserted through the liner into the compost or the plants won’t survive.

Make sure you insert the bottom trailing plants first, before covering it with another layer of compost. Add the next layer of plants, trying not to squash them together. Smaller plugs are better so go for winter flowering garden ready plants.

Take a look at our fantastic range of autumn bedding plants by clicking here!

We sell Easi Hanging Baskets in sets of two – either 12inches for £15.99 or 14inches for £17.99. These fantastic hanging baskets are made of plastic, have 12 removable side panels for all around planting and a strong chain for stable mounting. Sold as a set of 2.

Let us know what your winter flowering hanging baskets look like by posting photographs on our Facebook wall here!



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