Monday, June 25, 2018

14 Oct

What Garden Wildlife to Expect this Month!

Beetles & Insects 

This month look out for beetles in your garden. The arrival of cooler weather means beetles, amongst many other insects will be looking for shelter. Create shelters by stacking straight shrub and tree prunings and tying them with string. Its a simple idea that will make such a great difference to your garden wildlife!

Garden Birds

Leave your lawn to grow this month. Birds including starlings, thrushes, and blackbirds will be encouraged to hunt around for leatherjackets, earthworms and other insects.

Its also your chance to help Bullfinches. Once considered an orchard pest, Bullfinch numbers are now in decline. These dramatic-looking birds will be most obvious this time of year because they love to feast on berries, fruit and seeds. They can feed on up to 30 buds in a single minute, earning them a bad reputation amongst orchard owners.

Bullfinch numbers have falled 50% in the last 25 years, you can help prevent their decline by planting mixed, native garden hedges and autumn fruiting trees and shrubs. This will provide them with both food and shelter throughout the winter.

Wildlife jobs this month - 

  • Plant up pots or borders with daisies or autumn flowering sedums to provide a valuable source of nectar and pollen for late-season insects.
  • Make up bundles of herbaceous cut stems, tying them with string. Put them in a sheltered position to act as overwintering shelter for flying insects.
  • Clean out nests from bird boxes to get rid of any pests or diseases from last season. Wash out the box with boiling water and allow it to drain before re-hanging.


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