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21 Oct

How to Cope With a Sloped Garden!

You could consider your sloping garden to be a frustrating problem, but many gardeners believe the benefits of a sloping garden well out-weigh the disadvantages. A sloping garden often ges a great deal of ligt because its so open, as well as being great for draining excess water from your garden.

To make the most of your sloping garden try introducing levels. To avoid landslides, terrace your garden and add retaining walls. This can be expensive, but a brilliant way to get your design started.

Choose whatever material you like- red brick, granite, metal or condensed soil. Plan for the worst scenario, torrential rain makes soil extremely heavy and its always going to try to go downhill. Make sure there are plenty of gaps in your structure to help water escape and drain down your slope.

Try and make the levels work individually and together. This is an opportunity to create something unique, but harmonious at the same time. Decide what you want to include on each individual level, do you want a garden shed, seating area or pond? The brilliant thing about levels is that you can include all of these things. Just make sure you plan before you start.

Plant according to each level without jumping from style to style. A limited colour scheme may be the best idea, the levels should flow from top to bottom. Colours help the eye move easily from one level to another, and stops your garden becoming overly busy.

Containers for plants, fruit or vegetables are a brilliant way to create a sloping display. It’s likely that you will have a patio on one of your levels, fill it with brightly coloured pots and even brighter flowers!Shady plants are probably necessary on the lower level, and sun-loving plants at the top. Climbing plants are a brilliant way to blend levels-  let ivy, virgina creeper and climbing roses hide those retaining walls.

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