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20 Oct

Start Protecting Your Plants Against Frost…

Ensue your plants survive the winter by protecting them from frost and wet weather. The combination of low temperatures and wet willcause your plants to die off. If you are growing anything other than the hardiest of varieties its best to put in place basic techniques that will guarantee your plant’s survival.

Once October begins measures should be put in place based on the weather where you live. In the soth eas, midlands, east and north east of england as well as the east and north of scotland cold d is slightly more of a threat than the rain. In these places mulching roots, wrapping plans with fleece and moving plants into a sheltered position should be common bariers for the weather. You can even bring your plants indoors.

Whereas in the south west, north west of england, wales, northern ireland and western scotalnd its important to give protection from the rain so that pants don’t freeze during the colder months.

Follow these easy steps to ensure your plants don’t die this winter -

1. Bring them under cover…

Overwintering plants in a greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory protects them from the cold and allows you to continue to water them. Many tender and half hardy plants are best kept just moist, but never extremely watered throughout the winter. Making little growth but allowing them to survive. Lift up borders, potting them in barely- moist compost before taking them under cover. Remember that too much heat can do damage as well.

2. Move plants to a sheltered spot…

Making the most of naturally sheltered plants of our garden is one o the easiest ways to help your plants survive the winter. Moving pot plants into porches, against walls and under the shelter of dense shrubs can make such a massive difference  Shrubs will radiate heat gained from the daily sun which will help keep your plants alive.

3. Protect crowns with straw…

Packing dry straw, held in place with fleece around the central growing points of tender plants will help to insulate them from intense cold. In extreme conditions, straw can be packed around the trunks of these plants. This will stop them being killed and allow them to produce new growth buds.

Let us know how you protect your garden by commenting below!


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  1. John Entwistle on Tue, 23rd Oct 2012 9:02 am 

    “its important to give protection from the rain so that pants don’t freeze during the colder months” – haha I’ve found that staying indoors while it’s raining protects them quite well :)

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