Wednesday, July 18, 2018

19 Nov

10 Ways to Add Colour to Your Garden!

This time of year gardens can be extremely dull but you don’t just have to buy winter flowering plants to have colour! Whatever the size of your garden we have fantastic ideas to make this winter just as colourful as summer or spring. Brighten up your garden by following our easy guide below…

  1. StemsStems are the perfect answer to a grey garden, they don’t need much care and come in a brilliant range of vivid colours, from fiery red to yellow. Look out for Dogwood in your local garden centre and if you are short for space grow them in a large container. Plant Dogwood in full sun to keep the stems bright and make sure to prune them in March.
  2. PotsThere an abundance of colourful containers to choose from. Containers are an easy way to add contrasting colour to your garden, go for bright fiery tones using terracotta or stick with pastels to brighten up a gloomy corner. Winter flowering plants look great in containers and being able to move them makes it even easier to protect them from the cold.
  3. ScreensBrighten your garden up with the use of clear colourful screens. Dot the screens around your garden to create an interesting display and bring out the colour of what flowering plants you have left. Alternatively you can add mirrored screens or walls to your garden, this will reflect colour as well as making your outdoor space look larger.
  4. PaintWalls, benches and paving are often overlooked as an opportunity to create colour. Painting these aspects of your garden with bright or pastel shades will accentuate what colour you have and create fantastic focal points.
  5. EvergreensEvergreens are substantial part of any garden and this time of year they really come into their own. Choose from a wide range of Phormiums in fantastic shades from deep purple to light green. These hardy plants will last throughout the winter ready for your garden to bloom again in spring.
  6. BerriesBerries will add a touch of deep red to your garden this time of year and are extremely tolerable to shade and cold weather. Use your garden berries to get thrifty before Christmas, add them to your wreaths and centre pieces.
  7. LightingDon’t overlook lighting in your garden this time of year. Fairy lights are both festive and colourful, choose between traditional white lights or brighter colours on offer. Lights are great for draping in trees or hanging over doorways.
  8. TopiaryTopiary isn’t for everyone, it is time consuming but if done properly it can turn your garden into a hub of interest and creativity. Topiary adds a formal touch to gardens as well as a winter full of colourful greenery.
  9. FoliageFoliage is a necessity in any garden and this winter instead of choosing traditional green foliage, why not go for something a little brighter. Ornamental Cabbages have fantastic purple leaves which become brighter during the depths of winter. Use Ornamental Cabbages in your containers, window boxes and beds.
  10. Decorations and sculpturesDecorate your garden this winter to add colour, brass, glass and pottery make excellent focal points in any garden. The low sun at this time of year will make stained glass decorations glow.


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